Ilja Trofimenkovs

Sales Representative

Driven by an obsession with real estate and a background rooted in the service industry. Ilja's unwavering commitment to client satisfaction serves as the cornerstone of his business

Ilja's strong work ethic, coupled with his unyielding desire for continuous learning, provides his clients with a unique blend of expertise. With experience working closely with people prior to his professional career as a salesperson, Ilja places his clients' needs above all else.

Outside of work, you'll find Ilja immersed in books, exploring the realms of personal finance and real estate strategy. He also enjoys spending quality time with loved ones, exercising, and traveling.

In sum, Ilja is not just a real estate salesperson but a compassionate advocate for clients' goals, a relentless learner, and a devoted friend and family member. With a heart filled with passion and purpose, Ilja continues to shape lives and inspire positive change.